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Had already positioned herself in a defensive stance. Extremus contego! A shield erected itself in front of Alia, deflecting all of the gl shards and causing them to drop to the ground. When Alia looked over her shoulder, she saw that Drake and Tyler were walking quickly down the hallway, wands in hand as they focused on Blake. Drake didn't even bother looking at Alia, but it was obvious that his words were meant for her. Thought you'd start the party without us, did you? Shame on you. Alia couldn't help but smile, only to turn her attention abruptly back to best sex toys Blake when he took a step forward. His body twisted, contorting back into the shape of a wolf before he launched himself through the air with incredible speed, throwing himself at Alia. This time, best sex toys it was Tyler who stepped in, ducking underneath the leaping wolf and raking his wand across the beast's belly before both fell to the ground. On his way down, Blake caught Alia's left shoulder with his claws, knocking her to the ground once and causing her to shout in pain once again. Blake staggered for no more than a few steps, regaining his balance while his stomach healed itself. Then he spun around and leapt onto Tyler, biting deeply into the boy's shoulders while he unsheathed his claws. Before he could rip Tyler to shreds, Drake ran over and grabbed the wolf by the scruff, using all of his strength to yank him off of Tyler and throw him several feet away. The wolf pulled himself to his feet, growling as he leapt at Drake. Drake pulled his wand out just in time to create a shield, one that the wolf hit before falling to the ground. The shield best sex toys only sta up for a moment before falling, allowing Blake to leap again. Drake barely had time to move to the side, kicking the wolf like a soccer ball and knocking him across the hallway. He landed next to Alia as she began to get up, Blake shaking his head before his eyes landed on her. He was only a few feet away, his claws sharpening against the floor while he drew his lips back in a snarl. Then he threw himself at Alia, knocking her onto her side and then turning her over onto her back, his paws toys pinned against her shoulders. Alia looked desperately from side to side. Her wand was out of reach. She had no way to fight. In a moment of desperation, Alia considered closing her eyes, but she didn't. She couldn't fight, but she refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing her submit. So she stared him in the eye, stared into those cold golden eyes that burned like a wildfire. Then something hit him, something bright and sharp. best sex toys Alia's eyes widened with shock as she saw Blake disappear from on top of her, her body suddenly free. She turned over onto her stomach, pushing herself off of the ground while she watched Blake lie nearby on toys the ground. Motionless. Blood poured from his shoulder, from a wound where a knife etched with all sorts of carvings that Alia didn't recognize. Unsure of where the attack had come from, Alia looked in either direction. Her chest tightened, her eyes widening as she saw with surprise that there was one person standing between Alia, her friends, and the wolf, a knife identical to the yahoo one in Blake's shoulder in her best sex toys left hand. Ziva Nigher. Blake started to get to his paws, turning his head until his eyes landed furiously on